A bleak Christmas loomed for thousands of ACFS families at the end of 2020. That all changed when our awesome donors raised their hands to support ‘Hampers of Hope’.

Thanks to donors, we distributed 2096 food hampers in November and December. These hampers made the difference between heartache and hunger . . . and happiness and hope.

Little Thuli Tshabalala*, who lives with her parents and four siblings in a shack in Tladi, does not know the comforts of water, sanitation or electricity. Her parents do not have jobs or social grants.

But her family had food on their table over the festive season. And that’s thanks to you!

Unfortunately, our job is not done. The Covid pandemic has forced families into even deeper unemployment and hardship. We’re dismayed by the starvation and desperation we see in our community every day.

We need you to please support Hampers of Hope throughout the year – because children need to eat every day (and not just at Christmas).

Please click here to send your urgent gift to prevent childhood starvation.