Lwazi Bam

Since its beginning 75 years ago, the ACFS has found relevance working with children in Soweto, Alexandra, Thembisa and Tsakane. It’s always understood that it plays a critical role in providing children from under resourced townships with a more equitable start in life.

Now, with the fourth industrial revolution knocking on our doorstep, the ACFS is embarking on a journey of restructuring. It seeks to become more professional and efficient and ensure it’s relevant to the needs of children growing up in a technological era.

As ACFS Board Chairperson, I’d like to say a special word of appreciation to all our committed donors. Without your support and dedication, we could not have accomplished anything.

Please continue to support the good work of ACFS. Bertha has exciting plans and products in store. She’ll need your support to bring them to life.