Last week as we all were frantic adjusting to the COVID19 lock down, we at ACFS were frantic as to how we were going to keep supporting our vulnerable children and their families given that our normal programmes had to stop. We reached out to you South Africa and through your generous South African Spirit we were able to raise R87000 in a just under week. This means that this Easter we will be able to province just about 240 family food parcels, which will enable these families to have basic food provisions over the Easter holidays.

Children proud and happy collecting their food parcels during Covid

Thank you South Africa for this generous donation. We thought we would share with you the work we managed to do last Friday, where over 1000 children were reached with small weekly child food parcels. We hope these pictures will bring a smile to your hearts as much as they do for all of us here at ACFS Community Education and Feeding Scheme. Thank you South Africa!

We are so thankful South Africa for you hand of support. However, the need we have is still a big one. Please continue to assist so that our over 4000 marginalised households can be able to put food on the table this Easter. We still need you!

Thank You

Bertha Magoge

Executive Director