The winds of change are blowing at the ACFS and they’re steering our ship in a new and exciting direction! The next five years will see a rich strategy unfold under the leadership of ACFS Executive Director, Bertha Magoge, who took the helm in February 2019.

These changes should not be feared. Adapting to the needs of the day is essential to the survival of any organisation.

The ACFS has already changed tack a few times since it was founded 75 years ago by Bishop Trevor Huddleston. Back then, it was the original peanut butter sandwich and milk feeding scheme.

But 25 years ago, the shift to a more holistic approach to child development took root; and ACFS changed its name to include the concept “community education”.

The humble PB sandwich and milk remains our flagship source of nourishment. Our communities live in dire poverty and these tasty sandwiches continue to attract hungry children to our centres.

But with just a few tweaks – and with your support – the ACFS can make a much bigger impact on their lives.

The 21st century presents new challenges to vulnerable children and their families. It’s essential that we transform to ensure we don’t fail them.

So, in addition to nutrition, we want to provide children with educational support to help them mature into well nourished, independent thinkers who are capable of building a more prosperous future. We want to Grow Giants – and we do hope you share our vision.

In the next five years, we will be expanding our programme to include:

  • Early learning opportunities (such as Early Childhood Development, toy libraries, reading and structured homework support interventions);
  • Safety and social services provision (such as assessments, referrals and child safety);
  • Nutrition support (feeding, nutrition education, and health assessments); and
  • Education, training and skills development (the Teenage Girl Club and Computer Skills Programme for children; and sewing, beadwork and gardening skills for caregivers).

A number of these initiatives are already up-and- running and you will read about them in the pages that follow.

As you can see, the winds of change are blowing! So zip up your anorak and jump aboard the ACFS ship. The giants of tomorrow need your
support today.