If you stood up to support our ongoing ‘Hampers of Hope’ campaign – thank you! We distributed 2 096 food hampers in November and December 2020; and another 774 parcels from January to April 2021.

These hampers literally saved lives. The generosity of our donors is nothing short of incredible.

In the months before lockdown, ACFS was serving daily meals to about 10 400 children across our centres in Soweto, Alexandra, Thembisa and Tsakane. In response to Covid-19, we prepared and distributed food parcels to 14 500 households. By the end of July 2020, our food parcel drive had reached 24 000 households!

Children like Thuli Tshabalala* and her four siblings, who live in a shack in Tladi, don’t enjoy everyday comforts like running water or electricity. But they have food every day – and even on special occasions like Christmas and Easter.

Five-year-old Sothini* and her little brother Cebisile*, who live in a shack in Doornkop with their mom, knew only biting hunger until they were enrolled for a daily peanut butter sandwich and milk; and a monthly Hamper of Hope.

The ACFS has over 13 000 hungry children like these registered across Jo’burg. Yet we’re flooded with hundreds of requests for food from desperate children and adults.

Malnutrition has well-known long-term consequences on children’s education, health, social and economic outcomes. But it also has immediate consequences, and we’re seeing a rise in bullying and child-on-child aggression.

But there’s hope. And it comes from donors like you.

Kindness from individual and corporate donors enabled us to continue to fulfil our mandate during this unprecedented hardship. Against all odds, our strategic goals and targets remain firmly on track.

Despite the chaos of 2020, we still managed to launch three additional Teenage Girls Programmes and opened two new centres in Tsakane and Kagiso. We also added another Toy Library in Naledi.

We’ve taken the opportunity to rebuild and reposition our organisation for the future. We have launched a bright new logo and slogan: Advancing Children For Success. It’s a clear and bold indication of our intention to create opportunities for children; and to provide them with support and intervention to help them build a brighter future.

Thank you, one and all, for your continued support of our children. Without them, we have no future.

As you can see, the winds of change are blowing! So zip up your anorak and jump aboard the ACFS ship. The giants of tomorrow need your support today. Thank you!

*Not their real names