… even those born into poverty, hunger and hardship.

That’s why we’re so grateful to all those kind people who celebrated Mandela Day by contributing to the new Toy Libraries at our Alexandra and Zola Centres.

It was incredibly heartwarming to see those little faces lighting up with shy smiles … which turned to huge grins when they realised they were actually allowed to take home the box of building blocks, book, puzzle or babydoll they were playing with!

ACFS has been feeding hungry children for over 70 years … and this will always be at the heart of our work. But we want to do more.

Because, children growing up in poverty don’t only suffer from hunger. They also lack the chance to learn through play. When a family struggles to put food on the table, toys are an unaffordable luxury.

But a hungry child is just like any other child … filled with curiosity, eager to explore the world and learn how things work. They can grow into giants if we let them!

And – since they are already coming to our centres to get their peanut butter sandwiches and milk – why not start right here?

With support from friends like you, we want to expand our centres into community hubs … places that draw eager children, young adults and their parents and grandparents as well, to access a range of resources:

  • Children’s feeding scheme
  • Early childhood learning and development
  • Mentorship from older children
  • Teenage Girls’ clubs, covering subjects like menstruation and sexuality, making responsible choices, birth control, etc.
  • Computer labs where older children can access the internet for homework and recreation
  • Skills development – sewing, beading, baking, food gardening and more

Please support us as we expand our focus to bring about real change in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and the community. Help us ‘grow giants’ with big dreams, curious minds and the ability to thrive despite the challenges they face.