The first two Teenage Girls Clubs have opened at Jabavu and Pimville and they’re exceeding our dreams! Each club has 25 girl members aged 10 to 16; and uses a blend of activities (like debating, grooming classes, life skills and access to sanitary wear) to build girls’ confidence, ambition and inspiration.

Granny Lucy’s 15-year-old grandchild is a Pimville member and Lucy can’t believe what a difference it’s made.

“My granddaughter is now keen to attend school throughout the month and spends more time at ACFS. She’s found a purpose in life and is dreaming big for herself.”

We aim to open clubs at Zola and Naledi next. Please contact us to volunteer or donate stationery, school kit, clothes, sanitary towels or toiletries.

Please do try and get involved. This is where we can help our girl children become successful. Thank you!