If we have learnt anything over the last 2 years of the global pandemic of Covid-19, the loss of lives, suffering and financial hardships, its that life is short and life is precious. As humbling as that thought is, it allows us to focus on what is important and also that we need to plan for the lives of future generations of children. One of the ways to do that is through a bequest.

A bequest is a gift or monetary incentive specified in your Will to be given to a particular person or organisation after you have passed away. A bequest can be your lasting legacy that can touch the lives of thousands of children for years to come. By leaving a bequest to ACFS, you can help us combat childhood malnutrition as well as contribute to our other programmes which include skills development, HIV/Aids awareness and communal food gardens.

A bequest can take the form of specific items of value, sums of money, residuary estate amounts, life assurance policies or a percentage of your total estate. Bequests to ACFS in the past have helped build the foundation for the feeding and educational programmes to where they are today. The benefits to you include saving on estate duties and the mental wellbeing of knowing you have contributed to the lives of thousands of children as well as caregivers in Gauteng.

If you are interested in leaving a bequest in your Will or you would like more information on other ways you can contribute to the programmes that ACFS offers, please click the button below. 

Wills and Bequest Brochure