Established in 1945, By the late Bishop Trevor Huddleston, the ACFS Community Education and Feeding scheme is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO No. 001-213) and Public Beneficiary Organisation (PBO no. 930000475). Over the years, the holistic child and family cantered development programme aimed at enabling all children to reach their full potential while families are empowered to provide for their children through skills and small business development.

Over the 75 years of serving poor families and children, ACFS Community Education has established 10 Community Based Centres in the major, previously marginalised townships and informal settlements in Gauteng Province. The centres act as Community hubs, providing nutrition and feeding, early childhood development programmes, educational support interventions, personal development and empowerment programmes for teenage girls and youth. The Centres also provide shills and business development training for youth and unemployed adult caregivers. In addition, the organisation provides a wide range of social support services for families such as information and access to government social security programmes, referrals to specialist care including psychosocial support, information and resources such as computers, skills training and personal development.