We are back to Better!

Welcome back to all our friends, donors and partners to a brand new year 2023. Here’s hoping that the festive holiday season provided all the rest and recuperation that we all needed after a very difficult year that was 2022.

Since its inception ACFS prides itself  in the ability to ‘enrich the lives of our children and families in our quest to create thriving communities in South Africa. Our success story to date is hinged on the rich experience, professionalism, customer focus, innovation and creativity and reliability of a great team, underpinned by the implementation of a strategy designed to achieve CHILD FRINDLY DESTINATIONS ACROSS ALL OUR PROGRAMME Pillars. I appreciate  each of you for your interest and care for the children and communities we serve. It is through your sheer dedication and commitment over the years that has enabled us to provide the care and support needed for all children to reach their full potential. With your support we have developed a warm, welcoming and inspirational environment that encourages children to achieve excellence in all aspects of their developing lives.

So as we step into 2023, all I can think of is Better, building better, advocating better, and giving you better information regarding all our endeavours and achievements.  With your support ACFS will continue to remain resolute in our quest to be a Better organisation for children and families from poor and deprived circumstances so we can better enrich each Life in our care.

Going into the new year, we will build on our past successes as we continue to improve the quality of programming and support services that ACFS  provides to children from marginalised communities. I invite you all to visit us on all our social media platforms and website so that you can continue to get informed on our progress into the year.  Remember always our core statements that will drive each aspect of our work:-

#ACFS growinggiants

#ACFS enrichinglives

#ACFS creatingchildfriendlydestinations

ACFS buildingthrivingcommunties

Bertha Magoge
Executive Director