Toy Library Appeal

We are looking to replenish our Toy Library with Educational Toys. Your support will greatly benefit our Holiday Programme, providing children with engaging activities throughout the day.

A donation as small as just R20 can buy us a game of Snakes and Ladders, or if you feeling like it a set of Baby Blocks is R120. We would really appreciate it.

We are looking for: 

Development Area: Social

Play dough
Play dough rolling pin
12 Jumbo kokis
Tea set
Puppet gloves (pack)
Wooden cars
Plastic cars
Large farm animals
Snake and ladders

Developmental Area: Physical

Bean bag
Soft balls
Baby blocks
Hoola hoops
Garden toys

Developmental Area: Cognitive

1 of each- children’s puzzles of different kinds
Farm peg puzzles
Transport peg puzzles
1 of each plastics puzzle (insert)
5 tiers wooden squares tiers
Graded pegs
Shapes 1-5
Junior jumbo peg board
Plastic stickering cups
Links a lots
4 lacing figures
Dizzy discs and stacker
Shapes stacker
Wooden blocks
Plastic building blocks
Books with emotions
Flash cards

Developmental Area: Emotion