Youth Economic Empowerment

Youth Ecomomic Empowerment

Youth trained in food garden

Youth trained in bakery

Youth trained on artisan skills

The ACFS Youth Economic Empowerment Programme pillar promotes young people (Youth) to acquire knowledge, skills and confidence they need for self-sustainability and job creation. ACFS implement programmes that empower young people with business acumen, skills transfer to empower the youth for absorption into the job market and entrepreneurship opportunities. ACFS Youth Economic Empowerment focuses on youth income generation and job creation including Entrepreneurship, to ensure that we eliminate barriers to achieving economic Inclusion for Youth by co-creating interventions that enhance inclusion for employability opportunities for young people. We ensure that we support young people to keep their grip on opportunities and also create new connections of opportunity for young people towards long-term sustainability.


ACFS Youth Economic Empowerment interventions are inclusive in economic growth as a fair and equal distribution of economic resources to all our centres of services within the three provinces which are (Gauteng, Free State and Limpopo). ACFS also promote and accelerate youth economic empowerment in the economy by prioritizing an approach that encourages mainstreaming of the youth in the local economic value chain by ensuring that all young people, including the most marginalised and disadvantaged, can unlock their potential through access to decent work will drive progress towards sustainable, inclusive development holistically for young people.

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased value, numbers, and diversity of youth owned enterprises in all the sectors of the economy
  • Improved entrepreneurial culture, business managerial capacities, technical skills among young people
  • Increased savings and investment among youth through established cooperative and youth led enterprises.

Youth Economic Empowerment News

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