Food Security & Livelihoods

Food Security and Livelihood (FSL)

Woman trained in food garden

Woman trained in skills development for sewing and beadwork

Woman trained in bakery skills development

ACFS Food Security & Livelihood Programme seeks to improve household financial well-being, food diversification, and social protection. The strategic intervention areas revolve around bakery, food gardens and processing to increase food production, and easier market access in our communities. The programme aims is to improve a vulnerable community’s access to sustainable sources of food and income. Food security and livelihood (FSL) is a key area of focus for ACFS as it aims to improve the livelihood situation of the vulnerable communities.  In Food Security & Livelihoods, ACFS empowers people to overcome poverty by helping them to increase the production capacity of the food gardens to have access to food supply, improve access to vegetables, generate more income to spend on the basic needs and most of all reduce vulnerability to droughts and conflicts.

ACFS as the organization uses multiple approaches like economic empowerment, skills development as well as value chain support for agricultural and baking sectors that secure sustainable livelihoods. ACFS targets the most vulnerable community members especially women, girls, Youth marginal groups among others. We work with the communities, respective stakeholders to design and implement sustainable solutions that improve the resilience of the communities. ACFS supports capital assets and economic recovery initiatives like business skills training, provision of business coaching and start-up kits, and literacy training that support to women and Youth groups. 

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved food security in communities and ensure self – reliance and sustainable thriving households
  • Improved number of local businesses for food production within communities (Commercially viable enterprises)
  • Improved child and youth nutrition
  • Improved nutrition education, including community level nutrition outreach services to assist house communities
  • Improved Adequate availability of food in poor communities

Food Security & Livelihoods News

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