Help us end hunger for good.

Although feeding hungry children is the core of our work, we know it's not a lasting solution. We do it anyway, because children can't wait.

During the first few years of life, a child's body and mind develops at a never to be repeated rate. If they don't get enough nutritious food right now, the damage can be permanent. That's why we're so grateful to our supporters, who make it possible for us to feed 10 000 hungry children every school day.

But World Hunger Day on 28 May reminds us that we need to find sustainable solutions to the problem of chronic hunger in South Africa. And the answer, quite literally, lies in the soil.

If we could provide people with the knowledge, seeds and tools to start their own vegetable food gardens, no South African would ever have to go hungry again.

At each of our 13 community centres, local women (and some men!) learn how to grow their own food in our communal vegetable gardens. Each woman is allocated a vegetable bed, and is responsible for planting, weeding, watering and reaping with help on hand if she needs it. Even though the beds are small, by planting three or four different types of vegetables in rotation, enough food can be grown all year round to feed an entire family.

Once our gardeners have gained the necessary skills and confidence, they are encouraged to start their own veggie patch at home. Surplus cabbages, potatoes and carrots can even be sold to neighbours to earn a little extra income.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every hungry South African could learn how to feed themselves and their families?

We have the skills and knowledge to teach them. But we need money for seeds, fertiliser and garden tools like spades, forks, wheelbarrows, watering cans and shade cloth.

Please will you be part of this life-saving programme by making your donation now, in time for World Hunger Day?

By investing in sustainable solutions you can help end poverty and hunger in our country for good!


Your donation - made right now online - will help buy seeds, gardening tools and compost ... and sponsor more new 'gardeners' to attend special training days to learn the skills they need to turn small plots of land, tyre stacks or even old mielie meal bags into thriving, healthy vegetable gardens.

With your help now, we can stamp out hunger in our neighbourhood.

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