People like you give young children the chance to be their very best - thank you!

We recently celebrated World Read Aloud Day on 24 February by reading stories to children at all our feeding centres. It was wonderful to hear the children reading too – and this exercise reminded us that reading aloud should always be encouraged.

This day was especially meaningful to children who have a passion for writing and books, like Noxolo, who you might remember from our previous correspondence. Noxolo’s family was admitted into our scheme in January 2014 and she’s simply blossomed since then.

Noxolo has just started Grade eight and is loving her new high school. Her school days are made all the happier by attending our Alexandra aftercare centre, which she considers to be her second home. Thank you for giving Noxolo the chance to shine!

It’s here that Noxolo receives not only food for the body – but nourishment for her mind!

Noxolo is excited to be pursuing her dream of becoming a writer and poet and intends to have completed her first novel by 2020. She wrote to us recently to thank kind people like you for making aftercare facilities and support available to students.



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