Right now, not far from where you live, a child is crying of hunger.

Her desperate mother doesn’t know what to do. She ran out of money several days ago and, even though she’s been serving smaller and smaller meals, there is not even a stale crust left in the house now. She will do her best to comfort her child, but she’s worried. She knows that relentless, chronic hunger causes irreversible damage to a growing child ... perhaps even death.

This Sunday 28 May is World Hunger Day – a day when we’re asked to act in solidarity with our poorer neighbours for whom chronic hunger is a part of life. How amazing it would be if every single South African who has food to spare would reach out to another in true and desperate need.

Let’s do this! Start right now by joining together with the ACFS to fight hunger on two levels:

  1. Immediate response: Emergency food for people who are starving. Support our famous peanut butter sandwich and milk schools feeding programme – or donate towards a parcel of basic groceries to keep a child headed family alive for a whole month.

  2. Long term food security: Help us teach people how to grow their own food. If every poor family planted a small patch of carrots, spinach, squash, potatoes and onions, the crushing weight of hunger would be eased. But many don’t know how to grow life saving vegetables ... how to prepare the soil with compost, what to plant and when, how to care for fragile seedlings, what to do about pests and how to be water wise.

We have the skills and knowledge to teach them. But we need money for seeds, fertiliser and garden tools like spades, forks, wheelbarrows, watering cans and shade cloth. Please will you be part of this life-saving programme by making your donation now, in time for World Hunger Day?

On Friday 26 May, we’ll be hosting a special food security drive at our Alexandra and Pimville Centres. We’ll be running food gardening courses and handing out food parcels to those in greatest need. Please come along to see your kindness in action. Together we can end hunger!


Your donation - made right now online - will ease the pangs of hunger for a child suffering from malnutrition

... or help buy seeds, gardening tools and compost to start a new vegetable garden.

The lasting solution to the scourge of hunger.

Vegetables can grow anywhere!

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